The trouble with trocars

Number 18376
Subject Medicine
Source Smart Money Magazine
Year 2001
Publication Date November
Summary A Smart Money investigation examines the risks to patients operated with trocar, "a razor-sharp instrument used in millions of laparoscopic surgeries each year, including hysteroctomies and gall bladder operations." The device is described as a metal spike the doctor forces into the abdomen into the beginning of the surgery, stabbing blindly for a few moments, before a camera can be inserted. The story reveals that many doctors are "alarmed at the numbers of serious injuries and deaths they say are linked to this device." The reporter points to statistics, showing more than 40,000 trocar-related injuries in the last ten years, and reveals an FDA admittance that many injuries go underreported. The force for change now comes from malpractice insurers tired of paying out claims, the magazine finds.
Category General
Pages 8
Keywords FDA;medicine;gynecology;malpractice;insurance;health;doctors;surgeons;blood vessels;arteries;Physicians Insurers Association of America;laparoscopy
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