Unstable Element: Suddenly, Small Gaps In Nuclear Security Look Like Chasms

Number 18411
Subject Nuclear Energy
Source Wall Street Journal (New York)
Year 2001
Publication Date Oct. 17
Summary The Wall Street Journal examines evidence that al Qaeda, the organization of Osama bin Laden, has tried to obtain weapons-grade nuclear material. The article looks at the possibilities for terrorists to build nuclear weapons by using resources of current or former nuclear-power countries. Even though the reporters have found the evidence related to al Qaeda to be "sketchy and unverified ... it has sent authorities around the world rushing to shore up security measures that are in some cases surprisingly weak." The story finds that "armed guards at nuclear-weapons depots often lose in exercises with mock assailants," and that "materials for making a nuclear bomb are accessible enough to support a black market."
Category General
Pages 3
Keywords Osama bin Laden;terrorism;al Qaeda;uranium;International Atomic Energy Agency;United Nations;Exelon Corp.;Carnegie Endowment for International Peace;college students;Energy Department;TNT;Defense Department;U.S. Customs Service;ex-Soviet republics;military;Project on Government Oversight
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