Miami Cops

Number 18522
Subject Police
Source Miami Daily Business Review
State FL
Year 2001
Publication Date Feb. 8, March 8.15. 22, April 17, May 9, Sept. 10, Nov. 5, Dec. 17, 20
Summary A Miami Daily Business Review two-year investigation into police criminality reveals "a deadly scandal at the Miami Police Department." The stories document "flaws and bias in the local system used to investigate police shootings." The series started in 2000 with investigation of the death of a 72-year old widower who was machine-gunned by police during a ferocious 1996 drug raid, and of the following $2.5-million settlement of the lawsuit brought by the victim's family. In a federal investigation, Miami officers involved in the shooting were later accused of "conspiracy, lying and fabricating evidence to cover up misconduct," the Review reports. The series also examines "Miami's costly litigation experience over the last decade defending claims of brutality and lawlessness by police."
Category Contest Finalist
Pages 62
Keywords indictments;Florida's public record law;crime;litigation;civil rights;SWAT;homicide;conflicts of interest;law enforcement;justice;Miami Office of Professional Compliance;wrongful death;false arrests;abuse
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