Murder or Suicide?

Number 18527
Subject Murders
Source CBS News 60 Minutes
Year 2001
Publication Date May 20
Summary CBS 60 Minutes shadows "the most extensive foreign murder investigation in FBI history" - the death of Father John Kaiser, an American Catholic Priest in Kenya. While the FBI final conclusion was that Kaiser killed himself, several members of Congress believed he was murdered. CBS reported on "a strong potential motive for killing - that the priest was helping several young women sue a powerful Kenyan cabinet minister for rape." The priest also documented severe ethnic clashes in Kenya, and developed evidence that the brutal regime of President Daniel arap Moi was behind the violence. The reporters expose sloppy detective work on the case.
Category Contest Entry
Pages 14
Keywords TAPE;TRANSCRIPT;Rift Valley;suicide;politics;police;Nairobi;military;tribes;ethnicity;Senator Paul Wellstone;civil rights;human rights;dictatorship;foreign affairs;international reporting
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