Tobacco Companies Linked to Criminal Organizations in Lucrative Cigarette Smuggling

Number 18583
Subject Tobacco
Source Center for Public Integrity
State DC
Year 2001
Publication Date March 3
Summary This nine-part investigative report by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, a project of the Center for Public Integrity, reveals "how Philip Morris, R.J. Reynolds and British American Tobacco became enmeshed with organized crime worldwide as they fought to expand markets and increase profits through cigarette smuggling." While corporate officials were pleading ignorance in explaining how one-third of the world's exported cigarettes end up on the black market they were in fact working closely with companies and officials directly connected to organized crime in the United States, Canada, Italy, China, Taiwan and other countries, the investigation reports.
Category Contest Finalist
Pages 162
Keywords Sicilian Mafia;Latin America;Cocaine barons;crime;smoking;smokers;business;government;tax evasions;Third World countries;money laundering;financial crimes;customs;witness protection;transit trade;exports;imports;racketeering
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