Blue Frontier - Saving America's Living Seas

Number 18633
Subject Environment
Source W.H. Freeman and Company (New York)
State NY
Year 2001
Publication Date March
Summary Helvarg's book explores "the impact of history, commerce and policy on marine life" from the World War II until today. The author looks at the latest controversies related to beach closures, oil spills and natural disasters in the sea, and finds that "sensible politics can still halt the onslaught of industrial destruction, despite today's wide-open development along our coasts and in our offshore waters." The book follows "the money trail to the water's edge," and sheds light on how various industries vying for profits have spurred some of the today's major oceanic issues.
Category Contest Entry
Pages 3
Keywords BOOK;endangered species;pollution;energy;seaweed;fishing;business;ocean;Navy;submarines;Cold War;intelligence;hurricanes;shipping industry;coastal real-estate development
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