Number 18653
Subject Environment
Source SF Weekly
State CA
Year 2001
Publication Date May 2,9,23; December 26, 2001; July 31, 2002
Summary SF Weekly reports on the Hunters Point Shipyard, which is being turned over to the city of San Francisco in 2002. The shipyard used to house the Naval Radiological Defense Laboratory, which handled -- or mishandled, as SF Weekly discovered -- "nearly every kind of radioactive material known to man." The investigation found that tons of radioactive materials had been dumped into San Francisco Bay, radioactive fuel had been burned, discharging its smoke into the atmosphere, radioactive scrap metal was sold to private companies and unsuitable radioactive containers were dumped at a site 30 miles from the city. At the time the series was published the Navy had promised to release a study of the site, but had not. Following the first two parts, the third part of Davis' "Fallout" series on radiological materials buried at Hunters Point, the San Francisco Navy shipyard. This installment shows that a supposedly exhaustive 634-page Navy report fails to tell the real history of radiation at the shipyard.
Pages 41
Keywords CD-ROM;U.S. Navy;Hunters Point Shipyard;Naval Radiological Defense Laboratory;radioactive dumping;pollution;hazardous waste;nuclear experiments;toxic materials;environment;clean-up San Francisco bay;veterans;Cold War
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