Open Justice

Number 18683
Subject Juvenile Justice System
Source Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
State PA
Year 2001
Publication Date September 23-25
Summary Post-Gazette reporter Barbara White Stack investigates the continuing trend of opening up juvenile court cases to the public, and how the practice is gaining favor in some states. While most states allow the public into juvenile court cases for serious crimes, other areas, such as hearings on child abuse or neglect were closed. Many states that forbid access to juvenile cases have a stipulation in the state constitution stating that all courts shall be open, Oregon was the first state to open the doors to its juvenile cases in 1980. Opponents of open courts argue that parents and victims in child abuse or neglect cases deserve a right to privacy and media coverage could skew public opinion of the legal process.
Category FOIA Award - Finalist
Pages 41
Keywords Justice system;children;abuse;neglect;juvenile justice
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