Lives at risk: An emergency room investigation -Year two

Number 18684
Subject Hospitals
Source WFAA-TV (Dallas)
State TX
Year 2001
Publication Date June 28; August 2, 3, 10; September 6, 24; October 14; November 16
Summary WFAA-TV follows up its 2000 IRE Awards entry with this return investigation into Fort Worth's John Peter Smith Hospital. Reporter Williams and producer Schucker continued their investigation, focusing on Dr. Lydia Grotti and her connection to suspicious and overlooked deaths in the emergency room. As a result of WFAA-TV's investigation the Texas Department of Health began conducting its own investigation and discovered additional deaths that took place in the ER. The county district attorney's office called in a special prosecutor to examine a total of eight suspicious deaths in connection with Dr. Grotti at the hospital.
Category Contest Certificate
Pages 33
Keywords TAPE;TRANSCRIPT;doctors;suspicious death
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