Drama in three acts

Number 18687
Subject Corruption
Source Polish Public Television (Warsaw)
Year 2001
Publication Date June 21, 23
Summary A Polish Public Television investigative report exposes the scams of corrupt Polish politicians in the beginning of the 90s. The series reveals that most of the key players are "still active and herald the idea of "clean hands in politics." The major finding is that -- with the support of those in power -- huge amount of public money has been illegally transferred to private pockets and enterprises. The investigation focuses specifically on the embezzlement of money from the Foreign Debt Fund, an institution created to manage the debt of the country to foreign creditors. The reporting took place both in Poland and Venezuela, as one of the main players lives in Latin America.
Category Contest Entry
Pages 71
Keywords intelligence;money and politics;fraud;money laundering;counter espionage;international reporting;business
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