Kids In Prison

Number 18811
Subject Juvenile Justice System
Source Miami Herald
State FL
Year 2001
Publication Date March 18, 19, 21, 25, May 4, 14, June 14, July 31, Dec. 25
Summary A Miami Herald investigation on the effects of Florida's tough law addressing juvenile crime shows "a punishment system gone awry." The series examines how, rather than deterring juvenile crime, the state's policies seem to be encouraging it. "Instead of targeting violent criminals, the crackdown is falling hardest on nonviolent offenders - those convicted of burglary, theft and drug charges," the Miami Herald reports. The investigation is based on the analysis of databases of inmates, assaults against youth offenders in Florida's adult prisons, and recidivism records. The data shows that, after being released from prison, most young offenders become hardened criminals.
Pages 30
Keywords CAR;crime;FOI requests;corrections;children;teenagers;assaults;courts;judges
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