Dead Tired: On the Road with Weary Truckers

Number 18812
Subject Transportation
Source Star (Kansas City, Mo.)
State MO
Year 2001
Publication Date Dec. 16, 17, 18
Summary The Kansas City Star reports on the effects of deregulation on the trucking industry. As truckers work long hours for low pay, the result is disturbing: "Fatigue behind the wheel of 40-ton rigs is now so pervasive on American highways that drivers regularly nod off and drift into oncoming lanes or slam into the backs of slower-moving cars." The series reveals that federal regulations have not solved the problem with truckers' fatigue, and that the NAFTA agreement has left unaddressed the exhaustion of Mexican drivers, who sometimes drive for more than 24 hours. The analysis of accident databases has shown that many transportation companies with known safety problems have not been inspected by the government.
Category Contest Entry
Pages 66
Keywords CAR;highway traffic safety;accidents;injuries;crashes;American Trucking Association;hauling;freight;FARS
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