Jackson's protests benefit his family, friends

Number 18813
Subject Nepotism
Source Sun-Times (Chicago)
State IL
Year 2001
Publication Date Jan. 21
Summary The Sun-Times reports on the Rev. Jesse Jackson's questionable finances and deals. The investigation reveals that Jackson "has been able to parlay his crusade for minority empowerment into lucrative contracts for his close friends and even members of his family." The main findings are that: Jackson blessed major telecommunications and media mergers after his, as well as his friends' organization received multi-million-dollar contracts from the industry; that Jackson's sons received one of the most lucrative distributorships from Anheuser-Busch, the company that their father boycotted in the 80s for its record on race; that the sons will not say how many minorities work at their business; that Jackson received $50,000 from the state of Illinois for a Civil Right Library that was never built; and that Jackson paid through his nonprofit organizations $110,000 to a mistress who bore him an out-of-wedlock child.
Category Contest Entry
Pages 33
Keywords FOI requests;fund-raising;tax-exempt;nonprofit;charity;civil rights;minorities;affirmative action;Ameritech;Rainbow/PUSH Coalition
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