In A Child's Best Interest

Number 19511
Subject Juvenile Justice System
Source MSNBC
State New Jersey
Year 2002
Publication Date April 12, 14, May 27, October 18, 20, 2002
Summary MSNBC reports on child welfare hearings in three Indiana juvenile courts. "Specifically, these hearings involve children who are the victims of abuse, neglect, or at-risk situations. The program focuses on one of the more desperate corners of modern life and penetrates the world of the juvenile justice system, which, by law, is closed to the public and media. Our cameras expose stories of sexual abuse and capture how the courts handle these young victims. We also reveal excruciating, personal experiences as children are placed in residential treatment facilities. Lastly, we document the incompetence of a state child welfare system that allowed a teenage girl to go through two-dozen foster homes during her 14 years in the system."
Pages 106
Keywords TAPE;TRANSCRIPT;Video;juvenile justice;FOIA;teenagers;foster children;abuse;neglect;sexual abuse;child welfare hearings;Indiana juvenile court;residential treatment facilities;state child welfare system
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