Lawrenceburg Education Fund Investigation

Number 19518
Subject Education
Source WCPO-TV (Cincinnati)
State Ohio
Year 2002
Publication Date Nov. 17, Nov. 18, Nov. 21, Dec. 2 and Dec. 16
Summary Lawrenceburg, Indiana is a city with a gambling casino that set up an "education fund" to funnel some of the city's gambling proceeds into improved education of Lawrenceburg students. This investigation looks into how the fund was mismanaged by the six Education Fund Board Members. The Board frequently denied citizen's request for access to public records, had no computerized record of expenditures, no detailed information on current fund balance or fund expenditures for the past five years. Through numerous FOIA requests, WCPO-TV managed to gain enough information to produce this piece.
Category Contest Entry
Pages 67
Keywords TAPE;TRANSCRIPT;education;FOIA;foundations;gambling;casinos
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