Fake drugs, Real Lives

Number 19889
Subject Police
Source WFAA-TV (Dallas)
State TX
Year 2002
Publication Date Jan. 2
Summary WFAA-TV reports that nearly half of the cocaine seizures made by the Dallas police department in 2001 "contained little or no illegal drugs." According to the contest entry summary, "a key ingredient in nearly 20 alleged cocaine seizures -- totaling more than 680 pounds -- was gypsum, a main component of Sheetrock or billiard chalk." The investigation reveals that informants have admitted "to grinding up billiard chalk and planting it near unsuspecting individuals in order to receive police payments; the "fake drug" cases often ended up with the arrest of recent Mexican immigrants; and key witnesses, who also happened to be illegal immigrants, have been deported.
Pages 186
Keywords TAPE;TRANSCRIPT;crime;law enforcement;immigration;Texas Open records Law;Hispanics;Latinos
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