The State of Generosity: Race and geography found to be powerful forces in giving; Salt Lake City tops donor list.

Number 20415
Subject Charities
Source Chronicle of Philanthropy (Washington
Year 2003
Publication Date May 1, 2003
Summary According to the article, "The Chronicle's studies of giving by city, county, and state are based on Internal Revenue Service records of Americans who earned $50,000 or more and itemized their deductions, representing 18 percent of all U.S. taxpayers and accounting for nearly 54 percent of all money earned in the nation. Those taxpayers donated $97-billion to charity, about 80 percent of the total $122-billion donated by all individuals in 1997, according to estimates compiled by Giving USA, the study of charitable giving published by the AAFRC Trust for Philanthropy."
Category General
Pages 36
Keywords generosity;giving;charity;charities;money;income;taxpayers;charitable;donations;deductions;finances;poor
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