The Mob on Wall Street: Why you can't see it. An inside look at how organized crime hides its involvement in stock deals.

Number 20439
Subject Stocks And Bonds
Source Business Week
Year 1997
Publication Date March 24, 1997
Summary According to the author, "Usually, the offshore financial mechanisms used by the Mob are enmeshed in secrecy. But lately some answers have turned up--all surrounding the December, 1995, initial public offering of a small Phoenix-based company that makes multimedia components, SC&T International Inc. At the center of this tale are a half-dozen shadowy Bahamian entities and Sovereign Equity Management Corp., which brought SC&T public." The story also includes a supplemental side-bar article entitled, "Why didn't anyone smell a rat at Centennial?"
Category General
Pages 4
Keywords Mob;business;money;finances;stocks;fraud;SC&T International;Sovereign Equity Management Corp.;Phoenix
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