Medicine Chess. Pharmacies say rates paid by Rite Aid Unit are doing them in. They claim reimbursements are too low to make dispensing worthwhile. No conflict, chain responds.

Number 20442
Subject Pharmaceuticals
Source Wall Street Journal (New York)
State NY
Year 1999
Publication Date June 30, 1999
Summary According to the article, "Independent pharmacies have been struggling for years, owing to competition from large drugstore chains. But in Philadelphia, even three of the highly efficient chains--CVS, Walgreen's and Eckerd--have quit filling many Medicaid prescriptions because of the reimbursement rates. But not Rite Aid. It has 157 drugstores in the Philadelphia area, and the more rivals give up, the more prescriptions Rite Aid fills and the more over-the-counter items it sells to prescription customers. The low Medicaid reimbursement rates don't bother Rite-Aid."
Category General
Pages 2
Keywords Rite-Aid;Walgreen's;Eckerd;Philadelphia;pharmacies;Medicaid;prescriptions;drugs;medicine;over the counter;drugstores;chains
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