Slavery of the Brothel

Number 20648
Subject Crime
Source Vanity Fair Magazine
State NY
Year 2002
Publication Date July 2002
Summary An extensive account of the growing sex slave trade in the Balkans -- particularly Kosovo. "A virulent Mafia business is thriving in postwar Kosovo: the $7 to $12 billion traffic in Eastern European women lured by promises of work, then forced into prostitution. Despite international efforts, sex slave traders have been nearly impossible to prosecute, thanks to corruption, local laws, and the victims' fear of testifying. Tracing the path of one young Moldovan woman, Sebastian Junger conducts his own investigation of a vicious cycle that traps as many as 200,000 women a year."
Category General
Pages 11
Keywords sex;sex slavery;slavery;brothel;prostitution;prostitute;hooker;strip;strip club;sexual abuse;mafia;organized crime;balkans;kosovo;serbia;moldova;bulgaria
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