Detroit Public Schools

Number 20757
Subject Education
Source WXYZ-TV (Southfield, Mich.)
State MI
Year 2003
Publication Date October 22, November 12, November 25, December 4-5
Summary The investigation dealt with major ongoing problems at Detroit Public Schools. An audit revealed mismanagement, misspending, and waste. When WXYZ learned of these audits, their requests for the auditing records were continually denied. The station also learned the school system was spending millions to move its headquarters, which was to be renovated, therefore using taxpayer money. Even with a FOIA request, access to these records was denied for the most part. After taking these issues to court, WXYZ obtained the records. They found the "head honchos" were working in luxurious offices, while students were surrounded by filth and weren't even provided with enough books. Funds were clearly misused.
Pages 23
Keywords TAPE;TRANSCRIPT;audits;taxpayer;education;Detroit Public Schools;renovation;Huntington Construction
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