Collection of FOI stories

Number 20787
Subject FOIA
Source Daily Record (York, Pa.)
State PA
Year 2003
Publication Date Jan 21, 2003; Jan 31, 2003; Feb 5, 2003; Feb 12, 2003; Feb 21,2003; March 7,2003; March 28, 2003; March 29,2003; April 5, 2003; May 27,2003; Sept, 5 2003; Sept 10,2003; Sept 11,2003; Sept 12, 2003; Sept 18,2003; Oct 23, 203; Nov 7, 2003; Nov 14,2003; Dec 16, 2003
Summary This is a collection of FOI stories. Post September 11, the police the federal and state government have rigid barriers to block public access to data. Over a twelve month period the newspaper used FOI to acquire records that would help the people understand the governments efforts to keep them safe. The stories include how they acquired information from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to track the use of nuclear material in the area. FOI information has been used to report other stories as well which earlier went unreported.
Pages 112
Keywords FOI;September 11;Nuclear Regulatory Commissiom;National Guard;government;public record
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