Number 20808
Subject Health
Source New Times (Chicago)
State IL
Year 2003
Publication Date April 23
Summary This story addresses clause in Ohio's Bioterrorism Bill, which allows it to hide information gathered during public health investigations. The reporter discovered that hiding this information was more of a pattern than an exception. She found examples of the Department's efforts to bury information, stonewall citizens, and downplay health risks. For one community, data was skewed to show no link between toxins in the soil and local leukemia cases. Not only does the Health Department hide this information, they make it nearly impossible to retrieve, by ignoring information requests...even the State Attorney General couldn't get answers to its health-related inquiry.
Category Contest Entry
Pages 11
Keywords Ohio Department of Health;Bioterrorism Bill;Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry;Ohio Attorney General;EPA;health assessment;public health;stonewall;health risks;public health information;Ohio Attorney General;Centers for Disease Control;Waste Technologies Industries;hazardous waste;cancer rates;air pollution;pollution testing;leukemia;autism;neurological disorders;multiple sclerosis;well water;health hazard;toxic chemicals;Trichlorethylene (TCE);anthrax;e.coli;Greenpeace
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