The War Within

Number 20815
Subject Sexual Abuse
Source Westword (Denver)
State CO
Year 2003
Publication Date January 30,2003; February 27,2003; March 6, 2003; March 13, 2003; April 3, 2003; May 22, 2003; June 26,2003; July 17,2003; July 31, 2003; September 11, 2003; September 18, 2003; September 25, 2003; October 2, 2003; December 11, 2003.
Summary The Westword exposes cases of rape and sexual assault in the Air Force Academy. The article is about the rape of two female cadets who were punished, blamed or kicked out of the academy after they reported the incidents. The investigation revealed that many such incidents went unreported. In the days after the article was first published sixty women called Senator Wayne Allard to say that they were also raped and were mistreated after reporting the crime.
Pages 36
Keywords Rape;sexual assault;Air Force Academy;Lisa Ballas;Jessica Brakey;Senator Wayne Allard;female cadets
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