Twenty Years and Still Paying : Jeanette White Is Long Dead but Her Hospital Bill Lives On; Full Price: A Young Man, An Appendectomy and a $19,000 Bill Ms.Nix Confronts Harsh Facts of Medical Care Economics -- The Uninsured Are Billed More; Medical Seizures: Hospitals Try Extreme Measures to Collect Their Overdue Debts

Number 20880
Subject Health Care
Source Wall Street Journal (New York)
State NY
Year 2003
Publication Date March 13, March 17, October 30
Summary The Journal reveals how America's uninsured are asked to pay much more for their health care than anyone else. This series puts the spotlight on a shockingly unfair billing system, revealing how hospitals bill those without coverage the highest rates, then relentlessly pursue these vulnerable patients using strong-arm tactics that includes lawsuits, wage garnishments, bank account seizures and even jail.
Pages 34
Keywords Medicare;Medicaid;Illinois Hospital Association;American Hospital Association;Quinton White;Champaign County-Illinois;Elizabeth Benjamin;Legal Aid Society;Yale-New Haven;Service Employees International Union
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