Radioactive Water Flowed to Thousands of Homes

Number 20920
Subject Hazardous Waste
Source News-Journal (Pensacola, Fla.)
State FL
Year 2003
Publication Date Sept. 7-9
Summary This series detailed how high levels of radium 226/228, known human carcinogens linked to bone and nasal cancers, contaminated public drinking water wells that provided water to thousands of people in Northwest Florida between 1996-2000. The public utility responsible for water safety resisted state efforts to clean the radioactive material and inform the public, because it cost too much money. The Utilities Authority conducted tapwater samples that measured high concentrations of radium coming out of fountains at an elementary school, regional airport, government offices, and the tourist welcome center, but the results of these samples were never made public.
Pages 39
Keywords radium;human carcinogens;bone cancer;nasal cancer;contaminated drinking water wells;radioactive material;Escambia County Utilities Authority;drinking water;Agrico Chemical Co. Superfund hazardous waste;U.S. Florida Department of Environmental protection;radium-tainted water;Escambia County Health Department;Pensacola Regional Airport;Santa Rosa Island Authority;Cordova Park Elementary School;Office of Ground Water and Drinking Water;American Agricultural Chemical Co.;U.S. Geological Survey;maximum contamination level;MCL;Northwest Florida Management District;water cleanup;Environmental Protection Agency;"limited action" cleanup DuPont;ConocoPhillips;Conoco Inc.;The Williams Co.;Freeport-McMoRan Inc.
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