Children Left Behind

Number 21085
Subject Children
Source Cleveland Plain Dealer
State OH
Year 2003
Publication Date July 20-24
Summary The reporters set out to assess the problems children in Cleveland face. They managed to uncover hazards that even the public officials and community activists who had dedicated their careers to these issues. for example, they found that half a million Ohio Children live next door to a toxic waste site. Another finding was that nearly 1 million children live in poor housing, putting them at greater risk for fires, accidents, and environmental health hazards such as lead poisoning and asthma. They also discovered that babies born to teenage mothers are much more likely to be premature, and these babies had cost the state roughly $161 million dollars in five year. Another finding was that children of color were in most danger, they account for about a quarter of all child deaths.
Category Contest Entry
Pages 75
Keywords toxic waste;poor housing;fires;accidents;environmental health;teenage mothers;teen pregnancy;premature babies;inner-city neighborhoods;Guatemala;African American children;child deaths;Ohio Environmental Protection Agency;Planned Parenthood;Federation for Community Planning;Ohio Department of Health;lead poisoning;poor housing;asthma;Child deaths;food banks;poverty;Rocking Horse Center;birth rate;child mortality rate;hazardous waste sites;Sherwin-Williams;Benjamin Moore;Environmental Health Watch in Cleveland;pollution;youth prison;Youth Health Empowerment Project;STD's;birth control
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