Secret Files

Number 21106
Subject Justice
Source Courant (Hartford, Conn.)
State CT
Year 2003
Publication Date Jan. 5, Feb. 9, Feb. 22, Feb. 26, March 9, March 11, March 16, April 17, April 20, May 1, May 14, May 15, May 19, August 22, November 13
Summary The Courant detailed the extent and nature of an unusual practice whereby state judges selectively sealed cases, some so completely that their very existence was not publicly acknowledged. That disclosure, and the revelations that the practice often favored fellow judges, celebrities, and wealthy CEO's, stoked considerable public outrage. Six months later, judges abolished it.
Category Contest Entry
Pages 44
Keywords state judges;dockets;Connecticut Practice Book;Connecticut Law Tribune;sealed cases;sealed files;lawsuit;divorce-court cases;Texaco;Nine West;Arthur Anderson;MasterCard;Primerica Corp.;General Electric;University of Connecticut;Level 1 sealing;Level 2 sealing;judicial branch;Superior Court Judges;U.S. Supreme Court;Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Hartford;Connecticut State Supreme Court;U.S. District Court in Hartford;sexual abuse;lawsuits public interest cases;secret court files;state-court proceedings
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