Taser safety claim questioned; medical examiners connect stun gun to 5 deaths

Number 21337
Subject Weapons
Source Arizona Republic (Phoenix)
State AZ
Year 2004
Publication Date July 18, Aug. 6, Aug. 25, Sept. 16, Nov. 7, Nov. 30, Dec. 26
Summary This series of stories examines stun-gun safety and how police are using the weapons. Stun-gun manufacturer Taser International has claimed that the shock of the gun is not lethal, but the Republic found the devices to be linked to at least 11 deaths, according to autopsy reports and interviews with medical examiners nationwide. The Republic's investigation also found that Phoenix area police use the weapon mostly against unarmed suspects in petty crimes. The newspaper's investigation prompted inquires by both the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Arizona Attorney General's office.
Category General
Pages 36
Keywords medical reporters;medical examiners;stun guns;Taser International
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