Abu Ghraib Series: Living with Ghosts; A Place Dante Might Like; Up in the Cellblocks; Hiding A Bad Guy Named Triple X; Hell On Earth

Number 21511
Subject Prisons
Source U.S. News & World Report
State DC
Year 2004
Publication Date May 24; May 31; June 7; June 21; July 19, 2004
Summary In this series, US News and World Report investigates the Abu Ghraib prison scandal. The articles detail the abuses, the chaotic conditions in the prisons, and "ghost" prisoners. (These prisoners were detainees who were kept off the official books.) The investigations also talks about how military officials kept what was happening at the prison camps away from the Red Cross during their inspections.
Category General
Pages 25
Keywords Abu Ghraib scandal;Geneva Convention;Prisoner abuses in Iraq;war of terrorism;Saddam Hussein;military regulations while treating prisoners;Red Cross;CIA
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