Lobby Watch

Number 21999
Subject Lobbying
Source Center for Public Integrity
State DC
Year 2005
Publication Date April 7, 12, 28; May 3
Summary The Center for Public Integrity's Lobbywatch project revealed many important and litte-known facts. Among them are: news organizations report on campaign contributions about ten times more often than they do on federal lobbying even though money from lobbyists to candidates is roughly double what candidates receive from campaign contributions; "almost 20 percent of all lobbying forms are filed late"; nearly 300 lobbyists or lobbying organizations did not register themselves as required by law; foreign companies and governments spent millions to win $15 billion in Defense Department contracts, more than a third of which were no-bid. And there's much, much more!
Category General
Pages 24
Keywords military contracts;foreign companies;Congress;politics;politicians;no-bid contracts
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