The Deadliness Below: Decades of Dumping Chemical Arms Leave a Risky Legacy

Number 22499
Subject Chemicals
Source Daily Press (Newport News, Va.)
State VA
Year 2005
Publication Date 10/30, 10/31
Summary The Army secretly dumped at least 64 million pounds of chemical weapons off the coastlines of 11 states and 16 other countries, didn't tell anyone about it, and 20 years ago stopped checking the few sites that were ever inspected. The weapons are incredibly dangerous, likely are leaking, and will pose a threat for generations. The Army doesn't know where all the dumpsites are located, and admits that more likely exist than have been discovered.
Category Computer-Assisted Reporting
Pages 27
Keywords chemicals;military;Armed Forces;government conspiracy;environment;water pollution;public safety;public health;chemical weapons;offshore dumping
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