After dust settles, workers pay with their lives

Number 22586
Subject Libel
Source The Birmingham News
State AL
Year 2005
Publication Date 05/22/2005; 05/23/2005; 05/27/2005
Summary The reporters investigated genuine concerns over the effect of asbestos exposure at a now defunct factory that produced asbestos cement pipe. Of the fewer than 300 workers that worked there over the factory's existence, 11 died of mesothelioma, five of lung cancer, and eight more died after suffering with severe asbestosis. Most died in their 50's or early 60's. At least 4 more are fighting for their lives and dozens more are suffering with asbestosis. Alabama state laws require workers seeking compensation to file their claims within two years of exposure,although asbestosis usually takes several years to show up. Reporters also examined the problems of workers at other companies that protected themselves by declaring bankruptcy or moving out of state, leaving the victims with little hope of legal redress.
Category Computer-Assisted Reporting
Pages 24
Keywords asbestos;legal liability;acute respiratory illness;Capco;cement-asbestos pipe;mesothelioma;libel;FOIA;industrial safety;health
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