City Hall Hiring Scandal

Number 22621
Subject City Government
Source Chicago Tribune
State IL
Year 2005
Publication Date 07/17/2005; 07/24/2005; 08/08/2005; 09/23/2005; 09/30/2005; 12/04/2005; 12/17/2005
Summary The reporters revealed widespread political patronage in the administration of Mayor Richard J.Daley. Over six months they reported how city jobs and favors are routinely handed out to those who work for organizations that support Daley. The newspaper found that over 1200 people who belong to such groups also hold city jobs.
Category Computer-Assisted Reporting
Pages 31
Keywords FOIA;patronage;cronyism;Hispanic Democratic Organization;11th Ward Democratic Organization;Richard J. Daley;Democratic machine
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