In Harm's Way

Number 22649
Subject Pollution
Source Houston Chronicle
State TX
Year 2005
Publication Date 11/16/2005 - 11/20/2005
Summary The Houston Chronicle funded and conducted a study into air quality at 84 homes and 16 public places in four Southwest Texas communities adjacent to major refineries and/or chemical plants. The newspaper also analyzed more than a decade's worth of air pollution data collected by the state. The effort revealed that residents in this area were being exposed to elevated levels of dangerous and cancer-causing pollutants. Officials were aware of this and some of their own employees charged with monitoring the air were getting sick themselves. The study was able to pinpoint the culprit, adjacent industries.
Category Computer-Assisted Reporting
Pages 112
Keywords pollution;industrial waste;public safety;pollutants;benzene;1;3-butadiene;air toxins;Texas Release Inventory;Texas Emissions Events;Texas Commission on Environmental Quality
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