Secret Land Deal Topples Top Official

Number 23150
Subject Politicians
Source New Times (Broward - Palm Beach, FL)
State FL
Year 2006
Publication Date 04/02/2006; 04/09/2006; 05/26/2006; 05/31/2006; 06/18/2006; 10/27/2006; 10/29/2006; 10/31/2006; 11/04/2006; 11/10/2006; 12/09/2006; 12/12/2006; 12/13/2006; 12/19/2006
Summary Palm Beach County Commission Chairman Tony Masilotti used a secret land trust, "shell companies and straw men" to hide his interest in land deals. The Post tells the story of how he made $10 million "using his political influence." The money was never reported on his financial disclosure forms. He was removed from office and erased from the county's Web site.
Category Contest Entry
Pages 108
Keywords Land deals; fraud; financial disclosure; shell companies
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