Human for sale 'dons' exposed

Number 23477
Subject Undercover Investigations - Surveillance
Source The Crusading Guide (Ghana)
State na
Year 2007
Publication Date 10/25/2007; 10/26/2007; 10/27/2007; 10/28/2007; 10/29/2007; 10/30/2007; 10/31/2007; 11/01/2007; 11/02/2007; 11/03/2007; 11/04/2007; 11/05/2007; 11/09/2007; 11/10/2007; 11/12/2007; 11/13/2007; 11/14/2007; 11/15/2007; 11/16/2007; 11/23/2007; 11/24/2007;
Summary "This cross border investigative story unmasked a complex web of human trafficking syndicate operating in the West African sub region where young girls and in some cases children are sold into prostitution in Europe and America. The eight month long investigative scoop finally led to the smashing of the syndicate in a sting operation led by this journalist. 17 girls who were about to be sold were eventually rescued in the operation, with two suspects busted.
Category Contest Finalist
Pages 22
Keywords human trafficking; undercover reporter; sex slaves; Ghana; sting operation; Anti-Human Trafficking Unit; concubine
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