The American Dream: Hanging by a Thread

Number 23843
Subject Health
Source Beacon Journal (Akron, Ohio)
State OH
Year 2008
Publication Date 03/16/2008; 04/13/2008; 05/25/2008; 07/20/2008; 08/24/2008; 09/28/2008
Summary "This project is an attempt to measure the health of the middle class by doing original research, then going out into our community to find how the results of the data analysis matched real life in postindustrial Ohio. We found the middle class is shrinking - squeezed on two fronts by steadily decreasing earnings and dramatically increasing costs of the hallmarks of the middle class: home ownership, higher education, affordable health care and a secure retirement."
Category Contest Entry
Pages 93
Keywords Philip Meyer Contest; Ohio; middle class; health care; college; job; home; computer assisted research
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