The War Behind Me: Vietnam Veterans Confront the Truth about War Crimes

Number 23967
Subject Vietnam
Source Basic Books (Persues Books Group)
State n/a
Year 2008
Publication Date 11/00/2008
Summary This book was born out of an archive of war-crime reports from the Vietnam war. Declassified in 1990, they shed light on the extent of such atrocities during the Vietnam conflict. "The War Behind Me describes our search for answers, not only from the archive but also from the men named in it. We tracked down veterans accused of committing atrocities, witnesses who reported them, and higher-ups who covered them up."
Category Contest Entry
Pages 0
Keywords Vietnam; war crimes; atrocities; Army; My Lai; Quang Nam; massacre; Swift Boat Veterans; FOIA; National Archives; Marine; Veterans Administration; war
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