Not What the Doctor Ordered

Number 24005
Subject Health Care
Source Blade (Toledo, Ohio)
State OH
Year 2008
Publication Date 08/24/2008. 08/25/2008; 08/26/2008; 08/27/2008
Summary The Blade's investigation showed how patients are increasingly being harmed when insurers interfere with doctors' orders. Of the 920 doctors who responded to an online national survey about insurers, more than 99 percent reported that insurers had interfered with their hospitalization, referral, prescription or testing decisions. Interviews with about 100 doctors and their patients illustrated how insurers are becoming more aggressive in shaping patient care, eroding the doctor-patient relationship and putting people in danger.
Category Contest Entry
Pages 45
Keywords insurers; prescriptions; health care; patient care; bureaucracy; red tape; referrals; public health;
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