Under the Radar

Number 24376
Subject Airports
Source USA Today (McLean, Va.)
State DC
Year 2009
Publication Date 09/17/2009; 11/02/2009; 12/14/2009; 12/31/2009
Summary Every year the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has been given a grant, which then will be distributed to airports. The question is where does this money come from and how is it spent? The answer to the first half is the commercial-airline passengers, who pay the ticket taxes which in turn becomes the grant. The second part of the question is answered by not the improvement of airline travel, but rather the private pilots who fly corporate and recreational planes.
Category Contest Entry
Pages 18
Keywords Federal Aviation Administration (FAA); Federal fund; grants; airports; planes; airlines; commercial-airline; passengers; ticket taxes; pilots; private airplanes; flights
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