"Deporting Justice"

Number 24421
Subject Criminal Justice System
Source WFAA-TV (Dallas)
State TX
Year 2009
Publication Date 8/14/2009; 8/17/2009; 11/5/2009; 11/9/2009; 11/13/2009; 11/16/2009; 11/17/2009; 12/2/2009; 12/3/2009; 12/11/2009; 12/30/2009
Summary In an ongoing television series, WFAA-TV reveals that thousands of felons accused of murder, rape and assault are often deported instead of standing trial. In Dallas, many of the accused felons are Mexican citizens who, instead of facing criminal trial in the states, are put on a bus and shuttled back to Mexico where they are set free. Deporting the accused felons also decreases the chance of "jail overcrowding."
Category Contest Entry
Pages 148
Keywords deportation; Dallas County; immigration; ICE; Immigration and Customs Enforcement;
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