Gangs in Garden City: How Immigration, Segregation and Youth Violence Are Changing

Number 24427
Subject Gangs
Source Nation Books
State NY
Year 2009
Publication Date 2009
Summary Journalist Sarah Garland investigates how two of the most dangerous Central American gangs have made their way into the suburbs of Long Island. Garland also tells the story of several young people whose lives have been affected by gangs or gang violence. Her five-year investigation involves conversations with police, gang members and school officials. That information reveals a different opinion than that of the Department of Homeland Security, who believes the gangs to be a problem on the level of Al Qaeda.
Category Contest Entry
Pages 305
Keywords street gang; gang violence; youth; Mara Salvatrucha; MS-13; Hempstead; immigrant gangs; Latin American gangs; Salvadorans With Pride; SWP; Long Island
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