Failure to Inform

Number 24513
Subject Health Care
Source Tribune-Review (Pittsburgh, PA)
State PA
Year 2009
Publication Date 09/27/2009; 09/28/2009; 10/04/2009; 10/20/2009; 11/06/2009; 11/08/2009; 12/20/2009
Summary “Doctors at dialysis clinics have failed to inform thousands of patients about kidney transplantation, an oversight that could shorten their lives and cost taxpayers millions of dollars a year”. Many patients start dialysis without hearing the benefits of a kidney transplant. The benefits being about 10 years put on your life and saving the federal Medicare program “thousands of dollars a patient”. This series uncovered money plays a large role when prescribing patients on dialysis rather than getting a transplant.
Category Contest Entry
Pages 18
Keywords medicine; health care; medical; costs; kidney disease; taxpayers; debilitating; insurance; treatments
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