"Little Leagues, Big Costs"

Number 24704
Subject Sports
Source Dispatch (Columbus, Ohio)
State OH
Year 2010
Publication Date 8/29/2010; 8/30/2010; 8/31/2010; 9/1/2010; 9/2/2010
Summary This five-day series chronicles the experiences with youth sports of high school and college athletes and coaches. By establishing "baseline data" that has been previously unreported, Dispatch reporters found a "corrupted" sports program overrun with angry parents and practices that cause severe injury to young athletes. Rising costs and financial competitions are added pressures to the industry.
Category Contest Entry
Pages 62
Keywords youth-sports; IRS 990s; NCAA; NCAA Equity in Athletics Disclosure Act; Nexis; Ohio State; Gene Smith; Ohio High School Athletic Association; OHSAA; OSU
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