Keeping Secrets

Number 24796
Subject State Government
Source News & Observer (Raleigh, N.C.)
State NC
Year 2010
Publication Date 03/14/2010; 03/15/2010; 03/16/2010; 03/19/2010; 04/07/2010; 04/16/2010; 04/18/2010; 05/08/2010; 06/13/2010; 06/15/2010; 07/08/2010; 07/03/2010; 11/10/2010; 12/31/2010
Summary This series exposed the financial and public safety costs of North Carolina's personnel law, which we discovered was among the most secretive in the nation. The series showed how the law protected abusive cops and predatory teachers, political patronage and nepotism, as well as extravagantly pay raises and pensions.
Category Contest Entry
Pages 33
Keywords North Carolina; personnel; state employment; salaries; personnel law; North Carlina Open Government Coalition;
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