Watching the Protesters

Number 24936
Subject Military
Source Seattle Weekly
State WA
Year 2010
Publication Date 06/09/2010; 06/10/2010; 06/28/2010; 08/04/2010; 08/13/2010; 12/02/2010
Summary This article exposes the military and local police intelligence operations worked to infiltrate and spy on a the ranks of peaceful protesters, dispaching a Ft. Lewis operative to not only heal lead protest demonstrations, but to provide secretive blow-by-blow accounts of the protesters' plans and positions to the police and Army. In effect, the Army double agent helped organize and lead them to their arrests and prosecutions.
Category Contest Entry
Pages 14
Keywords army; police; Seattle; Washington; Army Force Protection Unit; Washington State Fusion Center; FBI; Homeland Security; Department of Justice; Posse Comitatus Act;
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