Hiding Behind the Badge

Number 25158
Subject Police
Source WVUE-TV (New Orleans)
State Louisiana
Year 2011
Publication Date 5/11/11; 5/12/11; 5/18/11; 5/22/11; 5/25/11; 6/14/11; 6/17/11; 6/23/11; 7/15/11; 7/26/11; 8/5/11; 9/22/11; 10/14/11; 11/30/11
Summary "WVUE's investigation revealed that a sheriff was falsifying campaign documents and stole hundreds of thousands of dollars from his donors. They also connected the sheriff to a businessman and showed how the businessman's company over-billed the sheriff for hundreds of thousands of dollars of work, but was still paid."
Category Contest Entry
Pages 113
Keywords campaign fraud; law enforcemnt officials
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