Crooked Teeth

Number 25344
Subject Health Care
Source WFAA-TV (Dallas)
State Texas
Year 2011
Publication Date May 14, 2011; June 8 and 19, 2011; Aug. 18, 19 and 31, 2011; Sept. 23, 2011; Oct. 6, 2011; Nov. 11, 2011; Dec. 6, 16 and 25, 2011
Summary The WFAA-TV investigative series, "Crooked Teeth," reveals a troubling lack of state and federal oversight of the Texas Medicaid orthodontic program, which is designed to help poor children with severely misaligned teeth. The lack of oversight has allowed Texas dentists and their corporations to exploit the health care bureaucracy and garner hundreds of millions of dollars. "Crooked Teeth" also raises questions about other Medicaid reimbursements nationally, including troubling payment policies by one of the nation's largest government contractors.
Category Contest Entry
Pages 264
Keywords orthodontics; Medicaid; teeth; Texas; health care
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