The Clarks: An American Story

Number 25527
Subject Investigations
State CT
Year 2011
Publication Date 02/26/2010; 08/19/2010; 08/20/2010; 08/24/2010; 08/25/2010; 09/01/2010; 09/02/2010; 09/03/2010; 09/07/2010; 09/09/2010; 05/24/2011; 05/26/2011; 06/22/2011; 11/19/2011; 11/28/2011; 12/21/2011; 12/22/2011; 12/23/2011
Summary The Huguette Clark story began as a feature, a tale of mystery. Investigative reporter Bill Dedman began with a simple question: Why are the mansions of one of America's richest women sitting vacant? The result morphed into a breaking story, spawning criminal investigation by the Manhattan district attorney and most recently the U.S. attorney's office.
Category Contest Entry
Pages 108
Keywords Hugette Clark; mansion; William Clark; fortune; wealth
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